Thursday, 30 August 2007

Blackburn Royal Infirmary 08/2007

I heard from a friend that a hospital had closed down in Blackburn so we decided a trip needed to be done. After an "interesting" entrance we spent many hours inside wandering around taking pictures of this place in pristine condition being carful to dodge the many patrolling security guards. However we heard a strange sound in a small room on one of the upper floors, intrigued I put my ear to the closed door and it sounded like a radio, how odd someone must of left a TV or radio on inside, we entered cautiously only to discover a figure stood up and absolutely lifeless. Think it was maybe a manikin dressed as a security guard we jokingly taped it on the shoulder only to discover it was actually a real life security guard sleeping stood up. As we were standing their gobsmacked he woke up and immediately began radioing for backup, we were in the shit big time so we ran like hell while being pursued and after a few wrong turn and near misses we made it outside to the car. Thank god

Monday, 20 August 2007

Underground Arches Bolton 08/2007

After a mooch along the culverts of the river Croal, we found a bridge behind steel gate which led to a series of underground arches, which to this day i have no idea what they were used for. Strangely we found some x-mas decorations hung up in certain places.

Monday, 13 August 2007

Philips Park Hall Manchester 08/07

This old night club was on my to do list for a while, It proved to have a tricky entrance through a hatch on the roof which we needed to drop down onto some kind of water boiler. This place was very trashed with the bar completely smashed and the stairs wrecked from people trying to open the safe which assumed involved it being rolled down the stairs many times. Although upstairs we managed to find intact photo frames with some pictures of previous parties.

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Withington Hospital Manchester 08/2007

Digging deeper into the reports within the exploring community specifically hospitals after our awesome trips to Whittingham we found out about this place. Sadly when we arrived we found it was located opposite a brand spanking new police station, however undeterred with hopped over a few 6 foot fences and had no difficulty finding a way in. Once inside we found an wreck of a hospital with missing floors, missing walls and smack needles everywhere. This is the only place i have visited to date which i honestly thought i would bump into a smack head as there was DIY bed, empty cans and even clothes everywhere. Luckily however we only bumped into 2 other urban explorers who we had a good chat to and managed to extract a few leads.

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Whittingham Metal Asylum Goosnargh 08/2007

A the time this was one of the most popular destinations for urban explorers as in its day it was the largest mental asylum in Europe with many 1000s of patients. Armed with my new digital SLR camera a canon 400d i decided it was time for a visit. It took a few trips to get some photos as we had one or two "incidents" with the patrolling security guards. This has to be my favorite hospital ever with awesome long corridors which really help you get a fell for how big this place really is.