Sunday, 30 September 2007

Fletchers Paper Mill Mossley 09/2007

I wasn't very excited about this trip as most mills are just square, big and empty or so I thought. Once inside this mammoth of a place I discovered that mills can indeed be exciting. Never before had I been to a place which had so many strange sounds and old equipment lying around. After spending many hours wandering around we stumbled across some pristine looking offices with working computers, internet access and even a server room which was hidden in a room behind a broom cupboard (which to this day i dont think any other explorers have managed to find).

Monday, 17 September 2007

Brinksway Air Raid Shelters Stockport 09/2007

One of 3 shelters within the Stockport area, Brinksway is the largest and the one with the most tricky entry. After squeezing through the tiny entrance and seeing the array of long red coloured sandstone tunnels, we were overwhelmed at the sheer size of this place and got lost a few times.