Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Salford Junction Canal Underground 07/2008

This site is located under the Great Northern and was originally an old canal which was drained to make way for air raid shelters during the Second World War. After the success of our over underground Manchester trip we decided to head towards the great northern warehouse a few weeks later only for a reccee but we managed to get lucky. Access was through a tiny hatch on a underground car park and down a 30 foot ladder. After spending around 45mins under here we decided to head back to ground level as our lack of preparation and lack of torch batteries got the better of us. Sadly our return trips never ended up with another success due to the proximity of the entry to security guards and security cameras.

Manchester Cathedral Steps Video 07/2008

On our second trip to this fantastic underground site, fellow explorer and friend Mike filmed the entire adventure from start to finish on his Sony camcorder with night vision.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Cathedral Steps Underground Manchester 07/2008

After Months of planning and research with dave and some lads from Stockport, we managed to find out how to get in this epic place, the date was set for a visit. After a sleepless night due to the excitement and a long day of waiting we arrived at the entry point, 30 seconds later 8 people are in the pitch black and untouched site. What an amazing feeling it was to be in a location that 1000s of people walk over every day on one of Manchester's main streets without realising what lies under their feet. This has to be the best 2-3 hours of my life and I was totally gutted when I had to leave, although I did return a second time and a good friend of mine (Mike) recorded it on his night vision camcorder (

Monday, 21 July 2008

USAF Burtonwood Warrington 07/2008

After a work training course in Aintree I passed these on the M62 motorway, I returned a few days later but sadly i couldn't get into these ex USA hangers.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Fine Worsteds Mill Huddersfield 07/2008

Me and dave met up with Gimbulate from and headed to Huddersfield after an unsuccessful trip to a derelict swimming pool. Once we gained entry we found this place in a nice and un-chaved condition most likely due to the nice area it was located in. Gimbulate kindly let me use his 8mm sigma fisheye lens in exchange for my 17-40L, this let me get pretty creative with the uber wide angle of view.