Saturday, 7 January 2006

ROTOR Bunker Goosnargh 01/2006

After our "accidental" visit to the filter block bunker in Goosnargh we managed to stumble across this derelict, decaying bunker by accident as well on the way home. Located next to a vets (yes an animal doctor) we decided to drive around the back and get out for a quick look. Sadly the bunker was sealed up tight, the main entrance being sealed with a huge thick steel door so i only managed to get some external shots. On another visit we bumped into a workman that was on site who told us this place was being converted into an "alarm monitoring station linked to Manchester", although he wouldn't let us inside. On a more recent visit to this bunker i have discovered that it has been completely overhauled and modernized although its true purpose is not fully known.

ROTOR Bunker (Filter Block) Goosnargh 01/2006

My first ever explore, driving through the village of goosnargh with 2 friends and we spotted a sunken structure, we were very interested so we decided to drive back home to bolton to grab a couple of tourches and a camera, so i grabed my good old fuji point and shoot and snapped away.