Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Henbury school Macclesfield 11/2007

To date this is the only school I have ever explored as they dont really interest me. The only thing I found exciting about this trip was the hiding from the security guards inside after they spotted us. After they give up trying to find us they buggered off so we were free to roam around and get a couple of snaps.

Saturday, 10 November 2007

West Pennine Hotel Oldham 11/2007

We headed down to Oldham after hearing that an old hotel we had tried previously had all of its power cut off which in turn cut of the security alarm. After a tricky climb over a sheer 8 foot fence and a very dodgy climb inside the lift shaft we were inside. We were amazed at how many rooms this place had and how good condition they were all in.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Barnes Hospital Cheadle 11/2007

Having not yet visited anywhere that was "haunted" we decided on a trip to Barnes Hospital just off the M60 motorway. After discovering a lack of security guards we decided on a front door entry. Once inside I was blown away by the stunning Victorian brick architecture giving this place its haunted look. After seeing a strange orb floating down one of the hallways and a room which somehow managed to turn all our torches and cameras off we proceeded to the clock tower only to see a guy in a high viz jacket shining a torch up at us, at this point we started to make a swift exit only to bump into a security guard. Thankfully he was a nice guy who had a laugh with us especially after telling him of our strange finding and "ghosts", he just sent us on our way.

Bleach Works Cheadle 11/2007

On the way to Barnes hospital we decided to have a quick trip to this derelict bleach works. One of the most derelict building I have ever seen with its roof now located on the floor in some section. Not really much to see to be honest.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Air Raid Tunnels Wigan 11/2007

After the success of the Stockport tunnels we headed over to Wigan's Meznes Park. We spent almost an hour trying to find this place, which happened to be located near a college. Once inside after a small ladder climb we were in and sadly we were very disappointed, as compared to Stockport this place was tiny and had very few features.