Monday, 1 January 2007

Fall Birch Mental Hospital Bolton 01/2007

Almost 1 year after the bunker explore in Goosnargh, a friend of mine stumbled upon an internet forum which had 1000s of reports in which explorers had gone into unusual derelict places and taken photos. From this point i discovered the urban-exploration community / hobby as well as an old derelict mental health hospital located right on my door step which i hadnt even known existed. So off me and my mate went armed with our new cameras (fuji 6500)

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  1. Not so much a mental hospital as a unit for ladies dying of Alzheimers Disease. I have many (sad) memories of this place as this is where my mother died after being a long term inpatient for over 4 years.
    I believe it began life as an isolation hospital for people suffering from T.B. before becoming a place for the nursing and care of old ladies approaching the end of their lives. I first became aware of the place in the late 1950's and its function then was for the care of ladies with what later became known as Alzheimers Disease. My own mother received such wonderful care that she lasted far beyond her expected lifespan until she died in my arms on one of the wards at 2.00am one morning in the mid 90's weighing little over 4 stone in weight. Such sad memories, the sooner the place is bulldozed the better as far as I am concerned.