Monday, 10 August 2009

My Images Stolen!!

In late june I came across a website "" while searching on google for information on underground Manchester. I then discovered that they had stolen 2 images from my website (one showing Manchester Cathedral Steps and the other showing Salford Junction Canal Underground), cropped off the watermark and used them to advertise a walk about underground Manchester. I have since taken them to the small claims court for stealing my images as the owner of the company is very rude and refuses to accept responsibility for his actions.
A few people that I know have actually been on the tours they offer and all it actually involves is walking on the streets with a poorly informed guide telling you what may or may not be under your feet while showing you images stolen from urban explorers websites.
If they want images of underground Manchester like mine I suggest they do a lot of research, grow some balls and get their hands dirty.


  1. That's disgusting! I hope you take them to the cleaners. I believe there are many other honourable Tourist Guides operating in Manchester - but New Manchester Walks? Underground Manchester without going underground? What a con!

  2. Damn right man, stumbled across your site via potn, what's the latest from the courts.
    All the best if it's still pending.

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